3x03/4x02- Getting called out by other people on their status.

As requested by hopedreamlovepray, 2x07 // 3x01.


she thought i was needed here.

        for what?

 she didn’t want you to be alone!

He was supposed to be at Yale the night she was killed, and I need for you to tell me that he was there, that his alibi checks out. It’s the only way to stop my mind, all right? To know for sure that he didn’t have anything to do with this. Please, Nate. All right? I don’t know who else to go to. I wish it were someone else, but it’s you. I need you.

Good thing you don’t hate me, huh, freckles?

LOST Appreciation Week: Day 4
Favorite Relationship(s): Sawyer and Kate

barry allen + looking so damn good with his mask off



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how do you fit a l l that in them jeans?

#a very important gifset