I just have voices in my h e a d.

2436 = AB C G HI D EF MN O

                       A I D E N 

Klebekah appreciation week: Day 2 - Favorite quote

"When you spend a thousand years with someone, deciding to quit them is like losing a part of yourself"

Dear Diary, Damon is gone. I don’t have anyone else to lean on. Anyone else to rest my head on. Anyone else to love. I’m drowning in the tears that I cannot stop. I’m out of breath, hoping one day I’ll breathe again. But he’s the only air I know and the only one I’d kill to breathe. Our beautiful, everlasting and arduous dance is forever in my heart. Dear Damon, come back to me, please.

Top 10 PLL Ships as voted by my followers → #6: Jason & Aria
The truth is I care about you. And I wanted to tell you in the off-chance that you might feel the same way.

Please stop hovering.

day 4 - favorite ‘partners-in-crime’ moment
I loved when they teamed-up in 1x03 in order to save Elijah. They make such a good team; a diabolical duo. They are definitely both clever and they know how to create the perfect masterplan.

When they arrived all dressed-up at Marcel’s party it was amazing. They had a gorgeous entry arm in arm, both in black, plotting and ready to act their plan in pure Mikaelson style.

Arrow - Olicity date Spoilers for 3.01 


Olicity” fans had something to celebrate when it was revealed Oliver and Felicity would be going on a date in the season-three premiere — or at least attempting to. “Oliver might be catching up to how some of the audience feels in that maybe there’s a life with her,” Kreisberg says with a laugh. It’s in line with the new arc the former Starling City billionaire Oliver faces this season. “This season, particularly the premiere episode, is Oliver questioning whether there’s a life beyond the hood,” he explains. “Can he be Oliver Queen and the Arrow at the same time? One of the things about being Oliver would be what kind of romantic life he could have?”

For once, Oliver won’t be a smooth operator when he and Felicity do go on that date. “Let’s just say, Oliver is the one who has trouble completing sentences," Kreisberg hints. As he tells it, the timing was right to further evolve the Oliver and Felicity dynamic. "The way the show has shaken out and the experiences the two have had, it feels like it’s time to explore that," he says.

-  Hollywood Reporter  (x)

TVD Cast trends #sexywesley for Paul’s 32nd Birthday

Which cast member would you guys date?
Holland: (…) We’re all in a polyamorous relationship.